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Sunday Chassidus Class

In addition to being a Preschool, Torah Nursery offers extra curricular learning programs for school aged children on Sundays when the preschool is closed. The children are taught about the Chassidic holidays and heritage, they do arts and crafts and are shown interactive video presentations about the subjects that they learn.

In addition, during the summer months we offer post kindergarten and 1st grade children to join our summer programing.

Chassidic Holydays.jpg

Chassidic Holidays

"ימי דפגרא" Days of celebration in the timeline of a Chassid

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Chassidus Chabad

The teachings of chassidus and how they apply to our daily lives

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Our heritage

Learn about the amazing self-sacrifice of our holy Rebbes for Torah education


Arts and crafts

Make arts and crafts projects in connection to the lesson being taught


We have applied to be listed as a Qualified Education Service Provider (QESP) which will allow us to accept Ohio state ACE program funding. Parents will be able to use some of their child's allocated funds to offset the cost of this program. Stay tuned!

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